Sponsoring Partners

These remarkable organizations and individuals covered the costs involved in bringing life-changing results to Veterans Transition Program and Transition Skills Course graduates. Without these major supporters, our programs simply could not run.

The Royal Canadian Legion – British Columbia/Yukon Command, our biggest and longest running supporter, has funded the Veterans Transition Program in BC since the very first group in 1998. By providing us with reliable support from day one, the RCL/BC Yukon Command empowered us to refine and grow the VTP into a first-class service for Veterans that is now available nationwide. We’ve come a long way and all the while the RCL/BC Yukon Command’s generosity, commitment and reliability have brought hope and change to the lives of Veterans Transition Program graduates.

True Patriot Love Foundation is one of the VTN’s longest standing and most considerable supporters. Since 2012, TPL has aided the VTN’s expansion to Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the training of VTP Clinicians in Central Canada. Through their work with Bell Let’s Talk, ambitious expeditions around the world and other funding initiatives, True Patriot Love has generously worked to change the lives of Veterans across Canada. 

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit Canadian ex-service organization founded in 1925. Royal Canadian Legion Branches across Canada support Veterans, families & their communities. Since 2012, The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command has generously supported the expansion of our Veterans Transition Program across Canada. Without their support, we simply would not have accomplished this expansion.

The Royal Canadian Legion – Ontario Command has supported our Veterans Transition Program delivery in Ontario since 2016. Thanks to their support, Veterans in Ontario are able to attend our programs and overcome barriers in the way of a successful transition to civilian life. 

The Stewarts are our most generous private donors and have made a remarkable impact on VTP delivery.

Their contributions are the reason we were able to expand in Alberta and have single-handedly led to the successful transition of multiple Canadian Veterans. We cannot thank them enough.

Shaw Communications Inc. is a Canadian telecommunications company which provides telephone, internet, television, and mobile services. Shaw has played a major role in creating awareness around the Veterans Transition Program by airing our Public Service Announcements to television viewers across Canada. Their generous donation of ad space ensures that word of the program reaches Veterans in rural areas who may otherwise not know that help is available.

London Drugs, founded in 1945 as a small drugstore in Vancouver, is a Canadian retail store chain with locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. London Drugs made it possible for Veterans in Alberta to receive group counselling and peer-support at the Veterans Transition Program.

Écho Foundation is a private charitable foundation headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The two main areas of interest of the Foundation are mental health and the environment. By funding the Veterans Transition Program, The Echo Foundation ensured that Veterans from Toronto and Montreal received our internationally recognized mental health services catered specifically to Veterans.

The Dominion Civil Service War Veterans Association was founded on 19 July, 1947. For nearly seventy years, they served the needs of Canadian Veterans. In late 2015, the remaining board members decided to disband the organization, leaving their legacy with the Veterans Transition Network. They gifted us with $135,000 to continue our work with Canadian Veterans. We are very grateful for their generosity and for their years of service to the Veteran community in Canada.


Since 2016, Boeing Vancouver and Boeing Ottawa, a leader in the Canadian aerospace industry, has supported the VTN by providing the funds needed to equip VTP Clinicians with skills to assist Canadian Vets through transition into more meaningful civilian lives. In addition, funds to provide care to Veterans in Ontario were generously provided. This has brought change and hope into the lives of Veterans across Canada. Thank you Boeing!

It is the support of community organizations like the J. P. Bickell Foundation that makes it possible for us to deliver services to all Canadian Veterans who need them, ensuring that there is no financial barrier between our Veterans and the help they need. Thank you to the J.P. Bickell Foundation for enabling Veterans in Ontario to face transitional barriers at our Veterans Transition Program. 

Thanks to generous funding from the Royal Canadian Legion Manitoba and Northwest Ontario Command, we have expanded our Veterans Transition Program VTP to reach Manitoba and NW Ontario Veterans. Since 2016, their contributions have allowed us to deliver 3600 hours of group counselling to struggling Veterans from Manitoba and North-Western Ontario. The results have been life-changing and we cannot thank them enough.


The Essential Needs Foundation, based in Vancouver, BC has generously provided Canadian Veterans over 220 hours of counselling since 2015. This impact has made a profound and lasting effect on the lives of Veterans Transition Program participants. Our programs simply wouldn’t be possible without the help of community initiatives like this. 

The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation, established in 1921. Their key goal is to create “a Winnipeg where community life flourishes for all.” By generously supporting a Manitoba Veterans Transition Program in 2016, the goals of The Winnipeg Foundation crossed paths with the VTN’s mission to make sure no Veteran in Canada is left suffering in isolation, bringing positive change to the lives of Winnipeg Vets. 

Le Programme de transition des vétérans (PTV) a été créé en 1998 dans le cadre d’un projet de recherche à la University of British Columbia (UBC). Depuis l’enregistrement du Réseau de transition des vétérans (RTV) en tant qu’organisme de bienfaisance pour permettre la prestation des programmes en 2012, le partenariat du RTV avec la UBC est resté inébranlable. Grâce aux recherches menées actuellement à la faculté d’éducation de la UBC et à notre partenariat clinique avec le Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma, nous sommes restés très attachés à l’endroit même où tout a commencé.

Trevor and Sarah Street and Trevor Street Personal Real Estate Corporation’s contributions have provided 864 hours of much needed counselling to Veterans across Canada. Contributions from donors like the Streets continue to make our Veterans Transition Program available to those who do not receive funding from other sources and often need it the most.

The Quebec Veterans Foundation single-handedly supported Veterans Transition Program attendance for 3 Veterans in Quebec. Their support means Veterans in Quebec who are not covered by Government funding are able to successfully transition and return to more productive and meaningful civilian lives.

Viola Betts’ contribution single-handedly funded a combined 600 hours of group therapy for Veterans, leaving a lasting impact on their lives by providing them with hope for a better future.

May Viola’s legacy live on in the lives of the Veterans she has so generously helped to heal.

Gertraud Whitbeck’s contribution covered over 320 hours of counselling for Canadian Veterans, providing them with connection and hope for a better future. Thank you for your generosity, Ms. Whitbeck.

Your kindness will live on through the Veterans who’ve experienced lasting changes in their lives.

McConnell Foundation is a private Canadian foundation that fosters innovative approaches to social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges. During COVID-19, this foundation offered grants to help organizations innovate new approaches to their charitable work. McConnell Foundation’s generosity allows VTN to effectively plan our expansion and new programs across Canada.

The Hewitt Foundation is actively involved in creating significant and sustainable change that improves Canadians’ lives with a strong emphasis on Health and Education.

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